Binomial Option Pricing Calculator

This Excel calculator implements three binomial models commonly used in the industry: Cox-Ross-Rubinstein, Jarrow-Rudd and Leisen-Reimer.

It can calculate American or European option prices and Greeks for stock, ETF, index, forex and futures options.

In the Scenario Analysis mode, you can model combined effects of various factors, such as underlying price, volatility or time, on option prices and Greeks. Used in trading, this helps make informed decisions about strike or expiration selection, position sizing or profit targets.

It works in all versions of Excel from Excel 97 to the latest, including Excel for Mac.

Working with the calculator does not require advanced Excel skills – just entering values in input cells and selecting from dropdown boxes.

Detailed instructions and examples are available in the user guide. You can also contact me for support at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a one-time payment or monthly/recurring?
One-time payment, yours forever.

Does it work in my version of Excel?
The calculator is a standard xlsm file and works in all versions of Excel from Excel 97 to the latest, also including Office 365 and Excel for Mac. For Excel 2003 and older there is a xls version, which is also included.

Does it work in OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Apple Numbers / other spreadsheet software?
It may work in some, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee it and can’t provide support for software other than Microsoft Excel. Generally you need your software to support Excel formulas and macros.

Does it work for American/European options?
All three models are accurate for all American and European options. You can easily select option type in the designated dropdown box.

Does it work for options in my country?
Yes. The models don’t depend on a particular country or currency. The calculator can be used to accurately model options traded in all markets, including but not limited to the US, Europe, Australia, India, China, Japan, Russia, or Brazil.

How do I pay? Is it secure?
You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. All payments are processed by PayPal, but you don’t need a PayPal account to check out when paying with a card. Contact me for alternative ways to pay (wire transfer, bitcoin).

I have other questions / need more information.
Please contact me.

Download Now
  • $49 one-time payment
  • Instant download

Black-Scholes Calculator – Calculates option prices and Greeks using the Black-Scholes model, the other of the two main option pricing methods besides binomial models.

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