Moving Averages

What Is a Moving Average (and Common Types)

Moving Average = Probably the Most Widely Used Technical Indicator Moving averages are among the most widely used technical indicators. I would even say moving average is the most widely used technical indicator, though no one can really know and count this. Moving averages enjoy this privilege thanks to their simplicity, [more...]

Moving Average Parameters

This page explains the three parameters for moving averages and how each affects the moving average values and related trading strategies. Three Moving Average Parameters So you want to add a moving average on your charts. What are the parameters you have to set or choose? There are only a [more...]

Moving Average Period and Which Is Best

This page explains the period length input for moving averages, how to choose a good period, and how it affects the moving average values and trading. Moving Average Period Meaning The length of a moving average period, or simply moving average period, means how many bars are used for calculating [more...]

Calculating Moving Average from Close and the Other Methods

This page discusses the different prices which can be used to calculate moving averages. Using closing prices is by far the most common, but there are several other methods. Calculating Moving Average from Close Most people calculate moving averages (or let their software calculate it) from the closing price of [more...]

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