ETF Options

ETF options are options whose underlying is an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Some ETF options, like the SPY, QQQ, or EEM options, are among the most heavily traded.

Most Active ETFs by Options Volume

The following table shows top 100 ETFs by average daily options volume. The data includes volume from the CBOE group of options exchanges (CBOE, BATS, C2, EDGX). See also most active stocks and indices by options volume. [more...]

Index ETF Options

Some of the most liquid optionable ETFs (including top three by options volume) track US broad market indices: S&P500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Russell 2000. Additionally, there are inverse (short) and leveraged ETFs on the same indices which also offer decent options volume and reasonable bid-ask [more...]

Sector ETF Options


International Equity ETF Options


Commodity ETF Options


Fixed Income ETF Options


Currency ETF Options

With currency options trading mostly over the counter and outside public exchanges, one way to trade options with FX rates exposure is currency ETF options. There are optionable ETFs on major currencies by Invesco CurrencyShares, with all their symbols starting with "FX". However, their options are very illiquid, typically trading [more...]

Real Estate ETF Options

The selection of ETFs with real estate exposure and liquid options is very limited. Basically there are only two: IYR (iShares U.S. Real Estate) and XHB (SPDR Homebuilders). There are a few others with average daily options volume mostly in low hundreds, but bid-ask spreads on these options are [more...]

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