Currency ETF Options

With currency options trading mostly over the counter and outside public exchanges, one way to trade options with FX rates exposure is currency ETF options.

There are optionable ETFs on major currencies by Invesco CurrencyShares, with all their symbols starting with "FX". However, their options are very illiquid, typically trading low hundreds of option contracts or less per day.

The currency ETF with most liquid options is UUP, which tracks the US dollar index – a weighted geometric mean of the USD rate against a basket of major currencies. EUR has by far the greatest share at 57.6%, followed by JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK, and CHF.

rank symbol avg_daily_volume etf_name
 51. UUP    =     2,670  =  Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund
125. FXY    =       294  =  Invesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust
137. FXE    =       249  =  Invesco CurrencyShares Euro Trust
242. FXB    =        47  =  Invesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust
246. FXC    =        44  =  Invesco CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust
424. FXF    =        11  =  Invesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
441. FXA    =        10  =  Invesco CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust

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