Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the calculator work in Google Sheets / LibreOffice / OpenOffice anything other than Microsoft Excel?

Most calculators have an ODF (open document format) or NoVBA (macro-free) version, which should work in most spreadsheet programs (generally those which support Excel functions, such as LibreOffice or Google Sheets). Please see individual calculator pages or contact me to make sure a particular calculator works with your particular software.

I have an older version of Excel. Does the calculator work in Excel 2003, 2002...?

Yes. All the calculators work in all Excel versions back to Excel 97. For some older versions of Excel you will need to use a specific version of the calculator due to some changes and incompatibility between functions and VBA code. Detailed instructions are available in individual calculator pages and user guides.

I have bought the calculator, but not received the download.

After completing the payment, you should get to a comfirmation page which contains links and instructions. You should also get an email confirmation with links and login details. Please note that sometimes the confirmation email can take a few minutes to appear in your inbox and sometimes it may end up in spam. If you haven't received any confirmation after 10 minutes, please check your spam box. If you can't find the email and don't have the download link, please contact me.

If you have any other questions or problems, please contact me.

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